Travel Diary 1: Dubai

And there I went on my first solo trip from Düsseldorf on my way to Singapore. I first had a stop in Dubai, so I made sure the stop would be long enough to explore Dubai a bit. I have no problem with flying, so the fact that I was on my own only hit … Continue reading Travel Diary 1: Dubai


Moving to Amsterdam

I moved to Amsterdam last September and never regretted the decision since. I have grown to absolutely love Amsterdam, and in this post I will explain why. I am a Dutch girl, so moving to Amsterdam wasn’t moving to a different country for me. I come from a small town in the south of the … Continue reading Moving to Amsterdam

My first solotrip and how it made everyone freak out

Have you ever made an overseas trip by yourself? If so, do you remember whether or not you were stressed out, or even whether or not your family and friends freaked out? I made my first trip this summer. To be completely honest, I hadn’t even had the time to stress out about it. For … Continue reading My first solotrip and how it made everyone freak out